I have a story to tell about my unlikely journey from a small farm in Southwest Georgia to the outside chance earning an engineering degree and a commission as an officer in the United States Navy. I made the dubious journey of becoming a fighter pilot, flying off the desks of aircraft carriers; to the inconceivable chance of being selected as the First African-American to fly as a Blue Angels pilot. I made the doubtful journey of screening for Command and becoming a Commanding Officer of a fighter squadron that deployed at sea; to the improbable opportunity to compete and earn the prestigious honor becoming the first African-American Commanding Officer and Flight Leader of the Blue Angels. My story is so unlikely due to so many unbelievable reasons, most of which were from the dark clouds of my own self-limiting beliefs and behaviors.

The world is filled with many people just like I was, experiencing some of the same dubious self-limiting beliefs and behaviors as I have experienced during my journey. My story demonstrates and reveals how developing burning desire to succeed, and frameworks and step-by-step processes enables your personal power of perseverance, courage, dedication, character and honor to overcoming the struggles to live to the fullest. I want the world to know, how overcoming these struggles enables you to serve others, which is the keys to living a fulfilling and successful life.